8 Tips to Being a Good Apartment Tenant with Pets

8 Tips to Being a Good Apartment Tenant with Pets

  • 10 December 2020
  • camden

If you are a pet owner looking to rent an apartment with your furry family member, you may have a few extra hoops to jump through. Be sure you understand your apartment’s rules and restrictions so you can be a good tenant, good neighbor and responsible owner of a happy pet.

Here are a few tips to facilitating harmony between your pet and your apartment complex:

Tip #1: Know the rules

When you are researching apartment options, be sure to read their pet policy. Some might allow them, but there may be rules about the size, breed, number of pets, etc. Do your homework before you fall in love with an apartment that says “no” to your loyal companion.

Tip #2: Consider your pet’s temperament

Most cats are laid back, low-maintenance and independent, but a dog’s temperament can be a toss up. If you have a dog that barks constantly at people or other pets walking by, when the air conditioning kicks on or when the doorbell rings, it might be disruptive to your neighbors. If you really want a dog, look for a breed that is known to have a calm, pleasant disposition. A large, hyper dog that has energy to burn may not be the right choice for apartment living.

Tip #3: The first floor will be your friend

If you have a dog, living in a townhouse or on the first floor will save you the hassle of elevators and steps when taking him out, especially when there is a potty emergency.

Tip #4: Keep your pet up-to-date on shots

For the safety of the people and pets around you, make sure your pet is current on all vaccinations and parasite preventions.

Tip #5: Give your pet plenty of exercise

Most dogs need and enjoy fresh air and exercise. Look for an apartment complex that has walking trails or an open space where your dog can run freely or socialize with other dogs. Daily walks are good for both of you!

Tip #6: Clean up after your pet

It goes without saying that it’s important to pick up after your pet. No one likes to step in (or have their dog step in and track) your pet’s droppings all over the community. Always take a bag with you, or purchase a waste bag dispenser that attaches conveniently to your leash.

Tip #7: Establish rules and routines

Part of creating a happy, balanced atmosphere for your pet is by establishing rules and routines in your apartment. It’s important to be consistent. Your pet will be confused if he is allowed on the couch or bed one day but not the next. If you have a dog that chews, offer lots of chew toy options so they don’t go for your furniture legs or baseboards.

Tip #7: Get renter’s insurance

Most apartment complexes require renter’s insurance but make sure you have enough to cover any damage your pet makes. Even the most obedient pets can have slips in judgment. Cover yourself so you don’t get stuck with a serious repair bill.

Camden Management is committed to helping you live in your apartment successfully with pets. There are many pet friendly apartments in Kentucky and Ohio and we know how important these furry family members are. Contact us today to  Learn more!

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